"GS3, Your Path To Success"

What you look like to yourself is different than what others see. It is a box that we can't step outside of while looking
in a mirror. Thats why having a great photographer is very important to a modeling career. They can see many things
that can enhance your overall look, especially when they have a wonderful Photoshop design crew to make the
necessary changes to your pictures before they are published.

Professional Models Wanted

"First impressions count." Not only with modeling but in every espect of your life. Staying on top of how you present
yourself could make or break an interview or get you that coveted modeling contract you've been working hard for.
Many can be heard saying they don't care about how people see them. Mind you, they will truly have a hard time
getting ahead of the frey. So, its important to know, "when trying to get work in a competitive field," such as modeling,
models can only approach upscale modeling agencies or agents only after taking time to make sure they have all
their credentials layed out and structured in a professional portfolio. Doing so will grab the attention of those looking
to market professional models.

GS3 is always looking for "1900 Models" to join
our team. If you feel as though you have what
it takes, we invite you to apply for an opportunity
to work with some of the best photographers

Hurry! Don't delay! GS3 wants to jumpstart your
career, get you the exposure you rightfully deserve.

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Open Call and Agency Auditions

GS3 only accepts email submissions at this time. If we like your pictures, we will invite you to the open call.


Please send all pictures and correspondence regarding representation to:


Stylist/Makeup Artist Representation

Stylists, Make Up Artists are welcome to show their work
to GS3.

Talent Coordinators via email or regular mail only. We are
not accepting appointments at this time.

General Models

Have universally appealing good looks but are not high fashion enough to qualify for high fashion editorials.

They appear in middle-of-the-road magazines like Redbook and Good Housekeeping and general clothing advertisements for companies like Mervyns, Sears and Target.

Most appear to be between 18 and 25. And Contemporary Women (who appear between
28 and 44) and Classic Women (who appear over 45).

Males in this category are between 18 to 28 years old and might appear in underwear and bathing suit ads.

Those who appear between 25 and 35 model sportswear and formal wear. Men who appear between 32 and 45 often model business clothes.

High Fashion Models

High Fashion models can be seen in Elle, GQ, Vogue, W as well as in runway shows for haute couture or designer collections.

They model in catalogs, print ads and television commercials for designer, cosmetic and other glamorous products. Ultra high fashion models have looks that are either extreme, unique, sophisticated or exotic.

European markets are prone to more extreme looks of the ultra high fashion models which appeal to the very trendy, avante garde, fashion conscious consumers.





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